Why are root canal treatments needed?

There are several reasons that root canal treatments are needed. In most cases, a root canal is done to preserve a tooth that’s infected due to a crack or some other type of damage.

Once the tooth’s inner filling is infected, Dr. Zack must remove the pulp to save the tooth. The root canal process includes the removal of the infected pulp, cleaning of the tooth, and placing a protective crown on the tooth.

What if a root canal isn’t done on an infected tooth?

An untreated tooth infection can cause some serious health problems. The infection can grow worse until it finally results in a painful abscess. Eventually, bone loss can even occur due to infection.

How do root canals work?

Root canals usually require 2-3 separate visits to Dr. Zack. You’ll be numb during all root canal procedures so that you won’t be in pain.

Dr. Zack drills a fine hole directly into the infected tooth, which allows him to extract the infected pulp via the canal.

The interior of your tooth is cleaned to ensure that all traces of infected tissue are gone, and Dr. Zack then fills the area with a sterile packing material called gutta percha and installs a temporary crown to protect the tooth.

Sometimes, a temporary crown is needed to secure the integrity of the tooth during root canal treatment. After that when a permanent crown is necessary to permanently retain the integrity of the treated tooth, Dr. Zack removes your temporary crown and cements the new crown into place.

Once your new crown is in place for a few days, you can treat the tooth just like you did before the infection — no more worries about pain whenever you bite down!

What is root canal recovery like?

Root canal recovery is typically quite short. Dr. Zack may prescribe medication for pain if needed, and you can apply ice packs to the outer jaw to help with swelling. Most patients don’t need to miss any time from work after a root canal.

A root canal may be the pain solution you’ve been looking for. Make an appointment through the online appointment tool to see Dr. Zack for help soon!

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